Cadillac is now presenting vehicle-to-vehicle communique as a preferred function in its CTS sedan lineup, placing the table for interconnected protection network.

Vehicles with V2V tech can communicate information approximately their pace and place to other further ready vehicles on the road. Armed with this information, the motors can warn drivers of capability avenue risks beforehand, permitting greater time to react to dangerous conditions. The CTS can get hold of up to 1,000 messages according to 2nd from motors nearly 1,000 ft away the use of devoted short-range communications and GPS era. It then stocks that records with a devoted quick-range conversation device that operates on a five.9 gigahertz broadband spectrum controlled by means of the Federal Communications Commission.

Cadillac's Vehicle-to-Vehicle communications technology shares v

Cadillac is ready to turn out to be the primary mass-market automaker to put in vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication device in a production car when it adds the technology to the 2017 CTS sedan as a mid-model year upgrade, to be had later this month in Canada and America.

The Cadillacs will use a excessive-pace, low-latency medium known as dedicated short-variety communications (DSRC) to speak with every other. The specification is similar to wireless, but transmissions appear on the 5.9GHz band rather than on wireless’s 2.4GHz frequencies, the usage of the 75MHz of spectrum the FCC specially set apart for vehicle-to-vehcile (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communications.

Different producers say they plan on such as V2V tech in their automobiles, consisting of Mercedes-Benz in the 2017 E-Class. However thus far, GM is in advance of different automakers in rolling out manufacturing-equipped fashions with V2V talents. “We truly wanted to get this technology available,” stated Steve Martin, Cadillac’s product and technology communication head. “We wanted to provide our clients some thing immediately out of field to depend on.”

Government regulators have been working for years to boost V2V tech in the hopes that it’ll make roads safer. Last year, the U.S. Department of Transportation proposed a rule that would mandate all new motors come geared up with technologies for communicating with other vehicles. If enacted, the rule could go into complete effect in 2023.

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