Nissan has given its Navara ute range a tweak, revealing changes to the suspension, expanding the availability of automatic variants, and also introducing a new mid-spec SL 4×4 variant. The latest Navara range is unique in its use of a coil-sprung suspension setup at the rear of dual-cab models, although other variants retain a conventional leaf design.

No changes have been made under the bonnet, with the Navara range continuing to offer either a 122kW/238Nm 2.5 litre petrol 4-cylinder engine in base 4×2 variants, or a pair of 2.3 litre turbo diesel engines, with 120kW/403Nm single turbo variant, or 140kW/450Nm twin turbo version for high-grade vehicles.


2017 Nissan Navara Series 2

In other changes to the Navara range, all the ST dual-cab variants are now equipped with satellite navigation as standard, and the Navara RX dual-cab and single-cab variants ditch carpet in favour of the vinyl floor covering. All dual-cab Navaras now make do without the floor-level cupholder in the rear.

The new SL variant gets vinyl flooring, 16-inch steel wheels and can be had with either a 6-speed manual or 7-speed automatic.

Beyond the addition of the new SL grade Navara, Nissan said that based on the feedback from both dealers and customers added sat-nav to all ST dual-cabs, taken carpet out of the RX and replaced it with the vinyl, and binned the fold-out floor-level cup holder for rear seat passengers from all dual cab grades. A 7-speed automatic transmission is now available on the dual cab RX 4×4 cab chassis grade, and the sun roof which used to be standard is now an opt on ST-X dual cab grades.

All dual cab models will also benefit from local suspension testing and also receive new components – front and rear shock absorbers, rear coil springs and rear rebound dampers – as well as tuning to suit Australian conditions.

This refreshed Nissan Navara range will be available in showrooms from November 2016.

Prices for the Navara Series 2 range are now as follows:


DX 4×4 single-cab diesel manual cab chassis model $19,490
DX 4×2 single-cab petrol manual cab chassis model $31,990
RX 4×4 single-cab diesel manual cab chassis model $32,990
RX 4×2 single-cab diesel manual cab chassis model $25,990
RX 4×4 single-cab diesel auto cab chassis model $35,490

King cab:

RX 4×2 king-cab diesel manual cab chassis model $28,490
RX 4×4 king-cab diesel manual cab chassis model $35,490
RX 4×4 king-cab diesel manual pick-up model $36,990
ST 4×4 king-cab diesel manual pick-up model $43,990 (plus$1000)
ST 4×4 king-cab diesel auto pick-up model $46,490 (plus $1000)
ST-X 4×4 king-cab diesel manual pick-up model $49,990 (plus $1000)
ST-X 4×4 king-cab diesel auto pick-up model $52,490 (plus $1000)


DX 4×2 dual-cab petrol manual pick-up model $26,490
DX 4×2 dual-cab petrol auto pick-up model $28,990
RX 4×2 dual-cab diesel manual pick-up model $32,990
RX 4×2 dual-cab diesel auto pick-up model $35,490
ST 4×2 dual-cab diesel manual pick-up model $39,990 (plus $1000)
ST 4×2 dual-cab diesel auto pick-up model $42,490 (plus $1000)
ST-X 4×2 dual-cab diesel manual pick-up model  $44,990
ST-X 4×2 dual-cab diesel manual pick-up w/sunroof model $45,990 (plus $1000)
ST-X 4×2 dual-cab diesel auto pick-up model $47,490
ST-X 4×2 dual-cab diesel auto pick-up w/sunroof model $48,490 (plus $1000)
RX 4×4 dual-cab diesel manual cab chassis model $38,490
RX 4×4 dual-cab diesel auto cab chassis model  $40,990
RX 4×4 dual-cab diesel manual pick-up model $39,990
RX 4×4 dual-cab diesel auto pick-up model $42,490
SL 4×4 dual-cab diesel manual pick-up model  $43,990
SL 4×4 dual-cab diesel auto pick-up model  $46,490
ST 4×4 dual-cab diesel manual pick-up model $46,990 (plus $1000)
ST 4×4 dual-cab diesel auto pick-up model $49,490 (plus $1000)
ST-X 4×4 dual-cab diesel manual pick-up model $51,990
ST-X 4×4 dual-cab diesel manual pick-up w/sunroof model $52,990 (plus $1000)
ST-X 4×4 dual-cab diesel auto pick-up model  $54,490
ST-X 4×4 dual-cab diesel auto pick-up w/sunroof model $55,490 (plus $1000)

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