Tesla will build and sell its own line of the solar panels with integrated batteries, the company just announced at a press event at Universal Studios in LA. The Powerwall 2 will enable residential homeowners to replace their entire roof with solar panels and an updated Powerwall 2 battery system, making it much simpler for the homes to be entirely powered by solar power.

The solar roofing comes in four distinct styles that Tesla presented at the event, including the ‘Textured Glass Tile,’ ‘Slate Glass Tile,’ ‘Smooth Glass Tile’, and ‘Tuscan Glass Tile.’ Each of these achieves a different aesthetic look, but all the resembled fairly closely a current roofing material style. Each is also transparent to the solar, but appears opaque when viewed from an angle.


solar panels

The Powerwall 2 can store 14 kWh of energy, along with a 5 kW continuous power draw, and 7 kW peak. The battery is also warranted for unlimited power cycles for up to ten years. It can be floor or wall mounted, outside or inside. It can be used for load shifting or back-up power.

The new Powerall also now includes a built-in power inverter. The previous version is required a separate piece of hardware. That inverter works directly with solar roof tiles to convert sunlight into electricity.

The products are a ‘joint collaboration’ between SolarCity and Tesla, according to the SolarCity CEO Lyndon Rive. Tesla is now attempting to acquire SolarCity for $2.6 billion and the shareholders of both companies will vote on the proposed acquisition in the middle of November.

During the event, Musk sort of talked about the price of the panels. He said that ‘installed cost is less than a normal roof and the cost of electricity.’ But there was no concrete pricing announced noting that it is difficult to put a price on what it’ll cost for every house. Of course a price per square foot would have been helpful. The company will sell tiles directly to customers instead of working with home builders.

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