Here is some other dash cam that facilitates you capture all of the motion on the road. The usage of a built-in 130-degree lens the 70MAI smart dash cam covers the entire the front stop of your car, and it helps voice control for secure operation. The 70MAI has a 1080p HD digital camera, Sony IMX323 photo sensor, and 130-degree area of view. It has AI, voice control, and app connectivity.

70MAI Smart Dash Cam Features

The dash digital camera is prepared with a Sony IMX323 excessive Sensitivity photograph Sensor and a 130-degree field-of-view lens, offering complete HD 1080p video and snap shots. On-board garage takes the shape of a 1GB potential and the speech engine is powered by Nuance with full support for the English language. A wireless connection connects the digital camera to a cellphone app for downloading photographs or viewing video, because the digicam itself doesn’t have an liquid crystal display display screen. The dash cam is hooked up to the windshield the usage of a electrostatic sticky pad.


What’s More

The 70Mai is designed for fingers-free use at the same time as driving, thanks to artificial intelligence-primarily based software. Voice manipulate permits users to take pics or video of the maximum scenic drives. The enterprise says the digicam, with a view to be available in both English and chinese variations, is based on extensive A.I. schooling records that lets in the system to apprehend accents, and to fast reply to commands. The chinese languageoption is already in the marketplace even as the Indiegogo marketing campaign is investment the English version.

70MAI Smart Dash Cam Price

Available to back from just $39 for earlybird backers the 70MAI smart dash camera is expected to start shipping out to backers during March 2018. For more details and specifications as well as a full list of all available pledges jump over to the official Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign page. But if you still want more efficient than this, then the WheelWitness HD PRO is the only one that’s just right, revealed at public cio technology summit 2016.

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