BitTorrent recently revealed its first dedicated app, called BitTorrent Live, and it will be launching for the Apple TV. BitTorrent is able to speed up file downloads by storing pieces of a file on computers throughout the Net and reassembling them when a request is made for the file. The BitTorrent Live does the same for streaming live video.

BitTorrent Live will provides both live and linear programming across topics including news, sports, music, tech, and youth culture. The channels, which will be included with BitTorrent Live upon launch are AWE, Fightbox, Heroes TV, NewsMax, One World Sports, and TWiT. The channels provides linear programming, but will also feature live events.

bittorrent live

The basic idea behind BitTorrent Live is that it will look to better on the already available choices of live video streaming by making use of peer-to-peer tech as its main driving force. While live TV channel streaming services like Sling TV have been proving problematic for traditional cable companies, through offering access to live TV content without the need for a cable subscription, the aspect that cable companies can still rely on is the reliability of their feeds. This is where BitTorrent Live looks to establish its presence by focusing on showing feeds which maintain a lower level of lag (latency). By making use of peer-to-peer live streaming protocol, BitTorrent state that ‘every viewer is also a broadcaster’ and that they will be able to provide video stream content that will ‘remain strong and for the broadcast to be as scalable as traditional Over-the-Air TV’.

This new BitTorrent Live for the Apple TV launch is expected this week, with a version for the iOS and Android to come in month of June.

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