Dropbox announced a new feature that lets the users save folders for offline viewing on a mobile device. This all-new feature will be available to Dropbox Business, Dropbox Pro, and Dropbox Enterprise users on the latest version of Dropbox for the Android over the next few days. The company says that the offline feature will be soon arriving on iOS devices early next year. Notably, Dropbox competitors including OneDrive and Google Drive already include offline features.

Dropbox previously enabled a solution for this by allowing offline access for individual files, but it’s now extending that functionality to folders altogether.


Dropbox offline feature

This feature has been on the list of top requests from the users. The company mentioned in its blog post that it’s excited to bring the new mobile offline folders to the customers using Dropbox Pro, Business, and Dropbox Enterprise. The users will be to tag a complete folder while using the mobile offline folders, which will automatically sync all the data on to the tablet or the mobile phone. So, the users will not have to mark all the individual files for downloading. All the users have to do is open the Dropbox app while still connected to Internet, and the rest will be taken care of by the app. So, now the user will have always be able to access all the important files anywhere irrespective of whether there’s an active internet connection or not.

A future where every area is basically covered by either a fast network or a public Wi-Fi connection presently remains a pipe dream, so this Dropbox offline recourse should be fine for the time being.

Offline solutions for the cloud-based file storage systems is not new, and Dropbox is fairly late in offline game, considering Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive users are already familiar with such a feature.

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