Google has released Gboard version 1.2 for the iOS with a few highly requested features. New themes, additional emoji, and also support for the 3D Touch and the handy cursor placement trick are all included plus more. The new update also lets users have the ability to search and share the contacts directly.

With the update, Google has added ‘breathtaking landscape themes’ to the Gboard keyboard, the company said in its release note. Furthermore, the company has integrated support for 3D Touch in the app. Now users can move the cursor by hard pressing and sliding their finger anywhere on the keyboard.


Gboard version 1.2

Gboard replaces the standard iOS keyboard on iPad and iPhone and puts features like GIF Search and Google Search in any app that lets you type. Gboard supports glide typing which lets you move your finger along the keyboard to use predictive the text to input text rather than pecking out each letter.

The 3D touch just lacks the free-floating cursor of Apple’s stock keyboard. It simply moves left and right throughout a message, without the ability to track upwards and downwards.

This version 1.2 update has also added support for Apple’s new iOS 10 emojis, as well as the ability for the users to search and share their contacts directly from within the keyboard. Anyone who wants to use this feature must first go to the Gboard app, tap ‘search setting’” and activate ‘Contacts search,’ and then they will be able to access their iPhone contact list directly within Gboard in Messages.

The Gboard is designed to have privacy and security for the users. The things that are typed by them will be regarded as private information, which is why they will keep it private.

According to the official website of Google, the Gboard app can be downloaded for free. Interested users can download the app from App Store and install it afterwards. It is available for iPhones and iPads with iOS 9+.

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