Google has quietly made its Gboard keyboard available for Android devices. This feature was earlier available only for Apple iOS users. The keyboard comes as an update to the standard Google Keyboard, and it has a Google search bar built right into the app.

Like its iOS counterpart, Gboard for Android gives users the ability to use insert GIFs, gesture typing, and do searches directly from the keyboard and further share those results in whatever app they’re using. Compared to the iOS version, Android’s version of Gboard retains the Android-y look of Google Keyboard, but all same functionality is there.


Google’s Gboard

The GIF button is always visible but is disabled in apps that don’t support the feature. Other features on Gboard include emoji search, optional dedicated number row, Glide typing, and more. Gboard comes with support for multiple languages and users can choose up to three active languages with preference for one.

The Google keyboard for iOS used gesture-based typing. So the users could slide their fingers on the screen and Google could guess related words. A simple press on Google logo button would let users access the famous web search. This keyboard brought particular buttons for images and GIF-based searches. These features are just powered by Google’s own image search. Even visually, Google’s keyboard is different from the normal Android keyboard. The Android keyboard doesn’t have text or picture-based searching.

It’s currently available only as an APK from Google without detailed release notes, although it’d make its way over to the Play Store soon. For now, the Android Police is keeping a running tally of new features.

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