Earlier this year, JBL announced a pair of USB-C-powered earbuds and now they revealed the price of the earbuds. JBL Reflect Ware C earbuds are now available through the HTC’s website and they have quite the price tag. These noise canceling earbuds will run you just $199.99. They also feature an in-line remote with volume control as well as a microphone and are available in black and white colors.

The Reflect Aware C headphones feature a USB Type-C connector rather than your standard 3.5mm jack. This is a technical requirement of sorts though, as the connector is used to draw power from a phone in order to supply the on-board adjustable active noise cancellation circuitry. There is also an in-line remote along with volume controls and a built in microphone for voices calls, so you can make the most of your phone’s features.


The new headphones are powered by 14.8mm drivers and also come with sweat proof ergonomic ear tips, which will be handy if you lead an active lifestyle. The new Reflect Aware C ear-buds come with three different sized tips in both standard and sports varieties.

USB Type-C audio products are clearly the future as smartphone manufacturers ditch the 3.5mm headphone port to make their devices lighter and thinner, but the trend has not quite caught on yet. In the coming year, you’re bound to hear more announcements of new USB Type-C headphones and earbuds but it’s very unlikely that all of them will cost this much.

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