LG has teased yet another feature of the G6 flagship smartphone ahead of its launch later this month. The South Korean company has just confirmed that the LG G6 smartphone will sport a 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC (digital to analogue converter) for enhanced audio playback. To recall, the LG V20 was the company’s first smartphone to come with Quad DAC feature, and the LG G6 will sport an improved version.

The Quad DAC (digital-to-analog converter) found in the LG G6 is being supplied by ESS, and offers what the LG calls ‘fine control’ of the left and right channels. Being able to control those channels separately means that the G6 can better balance sound and reduce noise. The Quad DAC, as the name implies, it packs four digital-to-audio converters on the same chip, which reduces the size and drops noise by up to 50% over a single DAC.



The G6’s Quad DAC also promises to reduce distortion to 0.0002%, so essentially nothing, and leave listeners with the crystal clear sound. LG further adds that the new Quad DAC in the LG G6 will enable users to effectively control the left and right earphones separately. It will let users adjust the balance of sound.

We don’t have a ton of official details on the new LG G6 yet, but those are coming around the bend shortly. The new LG V20 was a pretty solid phone, and while the LG took some missteps with the G5 (like not really supporting its modular design), here is hoping that it can bounce back with the G6. We will find out much more about the G6 in a couple of weeks, so just stay tuned.

The inclusion of the quad-DAC is in line with LG’s inclusion of an analog headphone jack, could help differentiate the G6 among competitors like Apple’s iPhone 7 with an emphasis on wired audio while most of the industry shifts to a focus wireless technology. We will find out more about the G6 when it gets officially announced on February 26th at Mobile World Congress.

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