LG Electronics has confirmed that its next flagship smartphone –the LG G6 will be launched at the upcoming Mobile World Congress, which will held on in late February 27, 2017 –after releasing a 40 minute video on its YouTube channel.


In the teaser video, seven New Yorkers sequentially say their ideal phone criteria, which has a bigger screen, smaller body, portability, able to fit in the pocket, comfortable to hold and use, one-hand usability, easy to text with one hand, water-proof, capture it all at once, and reliability.

The new upcoming smartphone features a 5.7 inch LCD with the unusual aspect ratio of 18:9 and a QHD plus resolution. The 18:9 aspect ratio is interesting because it adds a couple of notches beyond the traditional 16:9, that is a perfect fit for the most widescreen content available to watch on desktop or mobile devices today.

LG G6 will likely feel much smaller than its size would initially suggest, because of thin bezels –is almost a bezel-less smartphone. LG Display said that the bezels required by its new panel are 10 percent smaller on the side and 20 percent smaller at the top.

G6 smartphone will also include an iris scanner, much like the doomed Samsung Galaxy Note 7. This would allow users to unlock their devices without needing to enter a password or even touch their phones.

The company notes a 10 percent improvement in transmittance, making for better outdoor visibility. LG Display also claims to have improved power consumption by an impressive 30 percent, though it does not specify what baseline that is compared to.

G6 smartphone is LG’s big bet for coming back in the black after its first operational loss in 6 years.

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