Mobile technology has made us more mobile. This might sound silly, but it really has. Everything from family life to work to school to business relations can all be maintained using a mobile device. Tablets have replaced school books, smartphones can now be used to program your home thermostat, and with the dawn of the virtual assistant, we as humans are getting more connected to the internet than each other.

Mobile technology has made us more mobile

As these changes continue to follow the predicted trend (in 2015, they estimated that 70% of consumers browsing the web would do it via a mobile phone and that number has since jumped to 85%) businesses need to adapt to accommodate their consumers.

Think of shopping, for instance. Just a few years back we had to actually sit in front of a computer to order something or (gasp!) step foot in a store to grab groceries or get ahead on Christmas shopping. Now, we can order our groceries online and have them delivered, or handle all of our Black Friday shopping from the comfort of our home, car, office, or during an intermission at the ballett. We don’t have to change much to our day-to-day activity thanks to the world of mobile tech. World leading department stores have taken full advantage of online, mobile buyers so that you can literally shop their entire site from your smartphone or tablet.

More and more we hear about this being the “mobile age” and how all companies need to be “mobile-friendly” in order to keep up with their competition. All the above mentioned is completely true. If you are a business owner, you need to stay current with consumer trends if you want to stay successful. It may seem like simple statement, or maybe the thought of mobile really intimidates you because it’s not something you had to worry about just a few short years ago. But one thing remains; whether you are a small, locally owned business, or a big name department store trying to remain a big name department store, you must adapt to the mobile environment.

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