Panasonic has introduced its latest flexible battery innovation, which it will be showing off at CEATEC in Japan. When combined with the flexible displays, printed electronics, and increasingly small processing packages, this could be the technological breakthrough which bendable smartphone enthusiasts have been waiting for. The battery can be used in wearable devices or any card-type electronics, as it is only 0.55mm (0.022 inches) thin.

According to Panasonic, this battery has been designed with the card-type devices and wearables in mind. Since cards typically go into the wallets, which goes into pants and could be sat on, creating a battery which won’t break or damage when bent is obviously key. Panasonic is boasting how its battery can also retain its characteristics ‘even after repeatedly bent into a radius of 25mm or twisted to an angle of 25 degrees’.


Flexible battery

Perhaps even more important than the fact that battery can bend is that it can withstand bending while still charging and also providing power — something that todays lithium-ion batteries cannot do

The batteries measure 0.55mm thin which like we said, makes it ideal for slim devices like cards or wearables, like smartwatches, smart clothing, fitness bands, and so on. There is no mention of whether it can be used in mobile devices like smartphones. After all the companies like Samsung are said to be working on bendable phones, so obviously components such as the battery would need to be bendable also, but perhaps Samsung might have come up with their own solution.

That being said, Panasonic is expects to begin shipping out samples by the end of October 2016, after which they will start moving towards mass production.

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