Polar – the best company known for fitness trackers, and has been manufacturing fitness accessories for 40 years and launched a wide range of affordable wearable fitness devices such as Loop 2 fitness band, and released as well high-end accessories like the V800. Now the company has launch its new fitness tracker specifically for runners called – the Polar M430. Basically, it is a wearable watch that includes wrist-based heart rate sensors.


“There are plenty of products that track heart rate or GPS metrics, but a unique portfolio of capabilities distinguished the M430 in the sports watch category,” said Tom Fowler, President of Polar.

It is the successor to the Polar M400 running watch, which is replaced by the latest one M430. It is almost similar to its predecessor, still having a monochrome display and the same unibody design. The newly arrived fitness tracker has fully waterproof body, and having a lightweight “breathable” wrist band that stay away sweat from your skin.

It is capable to track sleep core running metrics like calories and distance, and recovery time. It is also equipped with integrated GPS that charts out your runs on a map that you can watch in Polar’s companion app.

Like other fitness trackers, it is able to pair with any smartphone device whether it is android or IOS, and deliver phone calls, text, and app notifications. It has a six LED light for optical heart rate sensing. By using this, you do not need a chest strap, it is able to deliver the same accurate result as the chest strap does, but it can do without chest strap. It has a built-in accelerometer that can detect pace, distance, and cadence for indoor runs.

For those who are always concerned about battery life whether they look for mobile, laptop, fitness tracker or more, so this fitness tracker has a massive battery that last up to nearly 30 hours of usage.


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