Samsung, like Motorola and Microsoft before it, is trying to show a phone into a laptop. Samsung’s Galaxy S8 will pair with a brand new Samsung Desktop Experience (DeX) dock accent to morph into a laptop computer-like surroundings. The specialized dock, that looks like a candle holder, supports a screen connection thru HDMI, keyboard, mouse, and two USB ports to help extend the Galaxy S8’s talents. Samsung’s dock even has a special embedded cooling fan to help hold the Galaxy S8 cool whilst you’re the usage of it to show Android apps on a display, and a USB-C connection to energy it.

Kwanjun Ryu and Jaejin Bong, two Korean designers came up to the quite cool design concept named Dex e-book. As shown within the pictures, the Dex book looks as if an ultra portable computer that’s a chunk longer than a tablet. The cell device is dedicatedly designed for Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+, so it features a similar form with Galaxy, and the curved edges and narrow form issue suggests off a fascinating minimalistic elegance and present day aesthetics.


The specially designed computer has no integrated CPU, GPU, RAM and cooler, so it functions a bigger inner space to hold extra battery capacity. A custom dock is arranged on the proper of its integrated keyboard. just docking your Galaxy S8/S8+ at the tray you’ll get a fully featured pc for a comfy and convenient cell working experience.

Furthermore, the cellphone seamlessly works collectively with Dex book, so it acts as a trackpad or number pad of the laptop. the usage of the BIXBY button on the keyboard you could activate the Samsung’s artificial intelligence gadget as a way to interact with the computer the use of your voice. Alas it’s nevertheless a design idea. It’s difficult to make sure whether or not it will become truth. After the smash, check out the photographs of Dex book.

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