Samsung announced an interesting new application, that focuses on protecting your, or more specifically the eyes of young children when using mobile or tablet. This new app uses facial recognition to detect the distance between a phone or tablet device’s display and a user’s eyes, automatically shutting off the screen and alerting the users with a popup if it finds that the device is held too close.

This new App is available for free to all Android devices on the Google Play store and the Samsung Galaxy store and can only be used on devices running Android 4.3 onwards , this new App runs in the background on mobile and tablets and can even be password-enabled by parents. Employing advanced facial recognition software and a friendly animation pops up shutting down the screen when the device is held too close the eye, unlocking only once the mobile and tablet is held at the minimum recommended safe distance.


Samsung Gulf Electronics says that the usage of electronic devices is increasing extremely fast, from entertainment such as gaming, watching movies and lately education where many schools started using the tablets in their curriculum. We noticed that children spend so much time using their devices, holding them too close to their eyes, which is not ideal and it might cause damage to their sight. Therefore, we are introducing an innovative app that helps protect users’ eyes by reminding them to their mobile and tablets at a safe distance.

This Samsung new Safety Screen App for Android is developed by Samsung Gulf Electronics in collaboration with Leo MENA with an aim to deliver innovation that transforms people’s lives, this best personal safety app has already been awarded at the recent Dubai Lynx awards for the innovative and important health app.

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