Spotify recently launched its first application ever for Android TV. The app will enable Android TV owners to browse and listen to music on the biggest screen in their home. The app is live now and readily available for download from the Google Play Store. It require Android TV version 5.0 or above.

This app letting subscribers browse their music collection on a big screen. Spotify says the software works with Android TVs including those built by Sony’s BRAVIA, NVIDIA SHIELD, Philips tv and the Bbox Miami by Bouygues Telecom. Users who wanted to access Spotify on Android TV had to go along with a third party client called Emma for Spotify. That’s client required a premium account so it was already useless for a majority of Spotify users.

spotify android tv app

It’s exactly what you’d expect from a Spotify offering, in that it allows you to browse your playlists, albums and tracks, either with your Android TV remote or with the Spotify app thanks to Spotify Connect.

The app itself is called Spotify Music for Android TV. It will enable users, regardless of whether they are on the paid or free tier, to check their albums, playlists, tracks as well as discover new music on the TV. The app takes benefit of the big screen real estate offered by TVs to put album artwork front and center.

The app makes the most of your big screen, filling up with album artwork while you play. If you are not already a subscriber, you can sign-up inside the app and you will be able to listen for free if you don’t mind the occasional ad. Of course, you can pay $10 per month to do away with them completely. The app is available to download from the Play Store right now.

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