Vancouver-based Nanotips launched a new Kickstarter campaign for TAPS—a touch-screen sticker with its own unique fingerprint for use with any capacitive device. Just peel it, stick, and touch: Add TAPS to your favorite pair of ordinary gloves, and register the faux ‘print’ in your handset, and start unlocking your smartphone or making online purchases.


The creators claim that the touchscreen stickers ‘are formulated to stick and stay on most surface and guaranteed to work on all touchscreen devices.’


TAPS Sticker

Once the users have applied the textured sticker to the tip of their glove, they will be required to register them as an approved fingerprint via their device’s security settings.

The stickers are abrasion resistant and are very thin. They’re backed with a special adhesive which leaves TAPS stickers flexible and able to stick to the finger of your gloves. They’re designed to withstand the wear that gloves go through and still work. The TAPS sticker comes out with its own fingerprint that will enable you to use any fingerprint scanner.

You might assume this would mean that anyone with a Taps sticker on their gloves could access anyone else’s protected phone. But according to the creators, using nanoparticle tech every single Taps sticker has an individual and unique artificial print ensuring that only your gloves can access your device. That being said, there’s still the risk of someone stealing your gloves, which is easier than stealing the fingerprints, so you will have to weigh the security risks introduced versus the added convenience these offer.

There are 28 days left to order your own set of fingerprint stickers, which is expected to retail for about $20. Early-bird buyers, however, you can snag a four-pack for just $8, or two kits for $16. Get a jumpstart on holiday shopping with five sets of TAPS for $41. Retailers can get in on the action with a bulk opt.

All the rewards are estimated for delivery anywhere in the world in December.

TAPS has thus far earned about $4,000 of the its $5,962 goal (converted from $8,000 CAD).

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