Apple’s “thin and light” approach for its latest laptops totally breaks down when it comes to charging, due to sizable power adapter that ships with the computers. Luckily, a tiny USB-C charger will let you leave Apple’s ungainly charging brick at home.

Finsix launched the Dart, allegedly the ‘world’s smallest laptop charger’, a couple months ago in September. And now the company is back again with an upgraded version, the Dart-C. Finsix claims this one is ‘the world’s smallest charger for USB Type-C laptops’. The tiny laptop charger produces 65W of power and is four times smaller than a traditional AC adapter. Uniquely, it allows for simultaneous charging of another device like a phone or tablet.



It’s the dream, really: a compact, single laptop charger compatible with some of the most popular machines on the market. It, like the outgoing Dart, can cycle up to 1,000 times faster than a typical laptop power brick, which speeds up charging.

The Dart-C is almost the exact same thing, but it has a USB-C cable. It costs the same $100 as the regular, non-USB-C Dart charger, and a $35 Dart compatible USB-C cable will also be sold separately for existing Dart owners. Both will be available in this month. This might be a great way to replace a bulkier factory charger that you don’t want to carry around or a good option for replacing a lost or broken factory charger.

If that sounds a little pricey, you’re right. Apple’s USB-C wall adapter delivers more power (87 watts) for less ($80), and Google’s 60-watt universal Type-C adapter retails for $60. But neither supports the ability to charge more than one device at once.

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