GIGABYTE – a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics card has recently announced its new line of AORUS Gaming Motherboards that supports Intels seventh / sixth generation Core processors. These motherboards designed for the enthusiast, allow for customization and personalization through unique and impressive features. The impressive features are a liquid cooling support, fully customizable RGB LEDs as well as a new and improved smart fan control. The smart fan controls are all meticulously incorporated into this platform to provide more control to gamers as well as the ability for them to express themselves.

GIGABYTE AORUS Gaming Motherboards

“Personalization and customization is something we know our customers want, we recognize that because of all the different case mods we see using GIGABYTE motherboards,” said Henry Kao, Vice President of GIGABYTE’s Motherboards Business Unit. “Not only does this ideal stay true to GIGABYTE, but also with the AORUS brand, that is why we continually strive to make products that push the envelope – satisfying the customers demand.”

GIGABYTE AORUS Gaming Motherboards Features

Seventh Gen Intel Processor

The AORUS Gaming Motherborads are powered by the new Intel seventh generation Core processor and it is also compatible with previous sixth generation Core processors. With the latest generation processor, motherboards will offer better performance than before and gives rich and immersive experience.

Cooling Block

GIGABYTE has included integrated liquid cooling blocks exclusively on the Z270X-Gaming 9 and Z270X-Gaming 8. These water blocks called: G-Chill and G-Frost, both support passive and active cooling.

RGB Fusion

RGB fusion – a totally redesigned lightning system, which will allow user to customize their system lights to the way they want. AORUS Gaming Motherboards have millions of colors and combinations to choose from, thanks to its RGBW LED light strips. There is also a white LED support on the LED pin headers, so users can modify multiple sections and zones on their motherboards and given their system even more personality. Selected models have an Accent LED Overlay that can be swapped based on personal preference.

Smart Fan 5

With Smart Fan 5 users and gamers can have full control on their system’s fans. All the fan headers now acting as Hybrid Fan Headers, DIY users don’t need to confuse as to which header does what. The all pin headers can automatically detect what type of device and system is connected. There are the various cooling options now available to users, the specific fan headers support up to 2A of power for larger power hungry fans or pumps.

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