Z11 Neo – ATX is mid-tower PC case fully optimized air flow cooling structure. The Z11 Neo has a distinct exterior design, incorporating both angular and rounded contours. The curved plastic top and front panels bulge out slightly while the edges are slanted and the side window and vents are sculpted to form a less obvious looking “Z”.



The Z11 Neo’s accessories are packed into a nice re-seal-able plastic bag and include the usual accessory of documentation, zip-ties, and standoffs and screws. It also ships with a single expansion bracket as the ones inside the case are unfortunately disposable… but why did they bother to include just one? They’ve also thrown in an 8-pin extension cable even though it’s probably not necessary given the length of cables provided by most modern PSUs.


Weight :  17.3lbs.
External Bays : 1x 5.25″.
Internal Bays : 8x 3.5″, 1x 2.5″.
Card Slots : Seven.
Front Fans : 1x 120mm (supports 2x 120mm).
Rear Fans : 1x 120mm
Top Fans : 1x 120mm (supports 2x 120/140mm).
Left Fans : 1x 80mm.
Right Fans : 1x 80mm.
Dampening (Front/Side/Top) : None / None / None.
The case ships with five fans, an 120 mm LED model mounted at the top and front, one plain 120 mm variant gracing the back, and strangely, an 80 mm fan installed at the front/bottom of both side panels positioned to blow air out. The top, front, and bottom of the case support an extra fan each, bringing the total possible fan count up to eight. Also inside, you’ll find common features like dust filters, removable drive cages, and anti-vibration drive trays. And as 5.25 inch bays continue to wane in popularity, only one is offered on the Z11-Neo, with a sliding cover.
Top-mounted front-panel ports also help to clean up the face panel, and Zalman even places a tray between those ports for holding your cell phone (or whatever other small device requires charging). This is an obvious nod to those who place their system under their desks, though we always recommend keeping the system above the floor to reduce dust accumulation.