In case you’re looking for a way to do ultra-speedy image backups on-the-go — and you’ve deep wallets — Samsung has introduced a new portable solid state drive (SSD) for you. The brand new Samsung X5 is the fastest portable drive available on the market, boasting a max write speed of a whopping 2.3 gigabytes per second.

The X5 features Thunderbolt 3 (which, at 40Gbps, is 4 times quicker than USB 3.1) and NVMe tech, the first NVMe-primarily based SSD drive with the support of Samsung.

Samsung X5 Portable Thunderbolt 3 SSD Design

Samsung X5 is a sophisticated and powerful portable SSD that measures 4.7 x 0.8 x 2.4 inches and weighs 5.3 oz. As we will see from the photographs, the solid state drive indicates off a sleek, streamlined appearance design, and the compact and narrow form factor permits for smooth carrying. Meanwhile, the body has non shifting parts and is bolstered with magnesium alloy that can even withstand a 6ft drop, while its Dynamic Thermal guard (DTG) tech allows keep most useful performance and temperature, and a integrated warmth sink continues surface temperature under 45 degree centigrade.


Samsung X5 Portable Thunderbolt 3 SSD Features

The portable Solid state drive is to be had in three storage capacities: 1TB, 2TB and 500GB. The usage of a Thunderbolt 3 port, the NVMe-primarily based X5 is able to supply examine/write speeds of 2,800/2,300 MB/s that are 5.2x/4.5x faster than a regular SSD with SATA interface. Furthermore, elective password protection primarily based on AES 256-bit encryption securely protects your data.

Samsung X5 Portable Thunderbolt 3 SSD Price

Samsung X5 portable Thunderbolt 3 SSD starts from $399.99 USD. If you are really interested in this new Portable Thunderbolt and want to grab it, then jump to the Amazon page for its more details.

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