Sony has recently announced a G-series of solid state drives (SSD), which they claim will last 10 years under heavy use. It is specially designed for professional-level external video recording devices.

Using Sony’s Error Correction Code tech, the new 460GB drive can reach 1200 TBW while the 960GB G Series SSD achieves up to 2400 TBW (terabytes written), resulting in less frequent replacement while in shooting. The drives are designed for ultra-fast, stable data writing. Sony claims that the new drives can ensure stable 4K video recording without frame drops, even after SDD have been subjected to multiple rewrites.

sony ssd

Sony G Series

The drives offer read speeds of up to 550MB/s when connected to a computer, and that connection itself is robust. Additionally, Sony says the new drives feature a physically more durable SATA connector than standard drives, enabling the G Series models to be inserted and removed up to 3,000 times before failing. The G Series SSDs also offer data protection technology that keeps content secure and intact, even if a sudden power failure occurs. When used in an on-camera recording monitor like the Atomos Shogun Inferno, the SV-GS48 and SV-GS96 can reliably record video at the 4K and 60p, or ProRes 422 HQ level.

Like most Sony products, these guys don’t come cheap. The Sony G Series Professional SSDs are scheduled to arrive in the month of May. Expect to pay $287 USD, while the 960GB model will be priced at $539 USD. For high-speed, high-quality SSDs, that is not too bad at all!

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