Wacom build partnership with the Microsoft to manufacturing stylus – a digital pen – for access to different Windows 10 tablets and laptops, especially for IOS devices. The newly announced styluses dubbed as the Bamboo Ink And Bamboo Sketch. For the latest tech news and gadget news visit www.vogatech.com.


Bamboo Ink

The Bamboo Ink stylus is the Window Ink stylus pen that is designed to capture notes, sketch ideas, and make documents. The newly unveiled Bamboo Ink is similar to the other stylus and works same as the other stylus works. It is compatible with both iPad and iPhone, meaning you can draw and sketch on Apple devices. But keep in mind, the Bamboo Ink works in tablet and smartphone through Bluetooth connection. It will also give you paper and pen experience through its shortcut buttons. The Bamboo Ink stylus comes in various interchangeable nibs, including soft, medium, and firm nibs.

Bamboo Sketch

Wacom also introduces a Bamboo Sketch to the IOS customers, so it is also compatible with the iPhone and iPad. It offers 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity, so those iPad customers, whose devices won’t able to work with Apple Pencil, they can also use this Bamboo Sketch, it works. For charging, the Bamboo Sketch stylus charges over a custom magnetic connector and USB. The company claims that the stylus will last up to 15 hours of usage on a single charge.

Both styluses, the Bamboo Ink And Bamboo Sketch is available to purchase on Wacoms official website and priced at $79.95 (roughly about £62). The styluses will come on other retailers in June.

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