HP recently benchmark for thinnest laptop with a new SPECTRE model 10.4mm thin, and still features a 13.3-inch full HD display. Previously Apple’s Macbook Air up to 13.1mm was called benchmark for thinnest laptops model and with Spectre, HP hope for everyone to think again because they had to use a number of innovative technologies.

This HP Spectre is powered by sixth generation Intel Core i5 or i7 Skylake processor, rather than the significantly slower low voltage Core M CPU that specially designed for ultra thin notebook and found in the 12-inch MacBook.

HP Spectre feature include a glass trackpad, three USB-C ports (two of them which support Thunderbolt 3), battery life of up to 9.5 hours, a maximum of 8 gigabits RAM and 256 gigabits storage, Intel HD Graphics 520, up to 512 gigabits PCIe SSD storage with advanced dual speaker part-designed by Bang and Olufsen and a full sized keyboard.

HP spectre

HP Specture used a new variant of its logo on the front of the display to set apart of the laptop form its other ranges.This ultra thin laptop uses a technology that features two thin fans, a copper radiator and a heat pipe that allows the system to not only take out heat but also produce in cool air and direct it over the processor

This HP Spectre is about as thin as a AAA battery. If you are interested to buy this base model of HP Spectre that will sell for $1169, Its pre-ordering will start from April 25, 2016 and shipment will be expected from the month of May.

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