COD Black Ops 3, a series that started with the events of the War in Vietnam then has moved to a near-future, and is going even more down the road of tomorrow. Although the previous year’s Advanced Warfare from Sledgehammer also introduced a high-tech, militarized age, that future isn’t about the Treyarch’s Black Ops 3 future. Black Ops has the timeline of its own, and the setting of the sequel has introduced new characters, advanced gadgets and tech, and gameplay characteristics the series has not seen before.


With Treyarch at the reins, the first dedicated, new-gen Call of Duty may just be the most massive to date. Once again, Treyarch’s new Call of Duty game contains three different parts: the story campaign, competitive multiplayer, and the horde-style Zombies mode.

Zombies & Campaign Story

There are 2 confirmed Zombies story-lines in COD Black Ops 3 at the revelation of its time. One story focuses on a new group of characters Nero, Jessica, Jack Vincent and Floyd Campbell, who reside in the fictional Morg City. Treyarch has described the new characters as “troubled individuals” with ” a long and sleazy history of past misbehavior.”  These are four characters are thrown into a twisted version of the city, infested by zombies, and are guided by a mysterious, undependable figure called the Shadow Man.Treyarch said that their story will tie into the main Zombies story line in the past games, particularly ‘Mob of the Dead’ from COD Black Ops 2. Science and technology have radically changed both the landscape as well as the future of the human race, with society violently protesting and attempting to halt foster promotions touted by scientists as “advancement”.

Military technology has progressed to the point where robotics play a main role in combat, and have been evolved to fight in the battlefield. Humans have reached the point where they are considered to be more machine than flesh and blood. There is a speculation and fear about an eventual robotic takeover. The game will follow a team of black ops soldiers, like previous installments in the Black Ops series, with irresistible soldier capabilities.


Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 is no longer to be waited, because it’s coming in this year with amazing gameplay features and lots of fun. So, brace yourselves before its too late to eradicate your enemy. COD: Black Ops 3 will be released on 6th November 2015 on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PS 4, Xbox 360 and PS 3. The multiplayer beta of COD: Black OPS 3 will be released on August 19 and August 26 for different consoles.