EA Sports hopes to silence these critics with a plethora of new specialties in FIFA 16, including Women’s National Teams, a revamped Career Mode, and nine new stadiums. Though, is FIFA Ultimate Team Draft, which was unveiled via a new trailer starring Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher. FIFA Ultimate Team Draft is EA’s alternative for those who like the idea of building a team from random cards, but only want to dedicate an evening to it.


It’ll be contained on-disc in FIFA 16, and will allow you to show off your ability to put together a team with chemistry within a short period of time, and then get into the game and contend on the pitch either in single-player or online. The first thing you have to do in Ultimate Team Draft is choose which difficulty level you want to play at.

In single player mode, this does not affect the rewards you get, just the number of coins you earn from each match. After that, you get the choice of five formations from the 30-or-so in the game, the idea being that you might experiment with something beyond the boring old 4-4-2 you are probably used to. If you lose, the rewards are always worth at least as much as entering the mode, so you are technically never losing anything by playing Ultimate Team Draft. The new mode stems from the fact that EA has put a lot of effort into Ultimate Team to make it a rewarding experience for the entire year, but as a result, it is a long term commitment that can be daunting for some people.

Draft is a bit of a change of pace for Ultimate Team players, allowing them to enter high risk/high reward competitions online, while also giving FUT virgins a chance to dip their toe in the water. Plus, the four match maximum length means that it is designed to be completed within one evening.

Final Decision

EA is introducing substantial amendments to the most popular game mode in its most popular game, while being the first major sports franchise to introduce female players. Expect it to be another smash when it launches on September 24, 2015 in Europe.