8BitDo makes a number of the best retro gaming accessories round, and now the company is popping its interest towards the Sega Genesis. Nowadays, 8BitDo is pronouncing a couple of merchandise that have to make playing Gunstar Heroes plenty more fun in 2019.

The primary is a wireless gamepad referred to as the M30, a Sega-inspired device that capabilities a comparable layout and look as the Genesis authentic however comes with a few modern-day functions. It supports Bluetooth, has built-in home display and screenshot buttons, and a battery with an anticipated 20 hours of lifestyles. Like maximum 8BitDo controllers, it helps a handful of structures, together with the Nintendo transfer, computer, Mac, and Android. The controller is $29 and is expected to begin transport in next month.

8Bitdo M30 Bluetooth Gamepad Features

There are, of route, a few differences among Sega’s unique controllers and the M30. There are greater buttons, consisting of shoulder buttons and some of navigation buttons, which allow the M30 to play exceptional with modern-day games. The controller is likewise charged via USB-C, that’s absolutely a pleasing addition.


8bitdo has also launched a new Retro Receiver that can enable wireless functionality in the Genesis/Mega Drive itself. The Genesis Retro Receiver is compatible with 8bitdo’s line up of wireless controllers, but also with the Switch Pro Controller, Xbox One gamepad, DualShock 4, and Wii U Pro Controller. That means you could potentially play Genesis games on original hardware using current-generation control methods, which is at least a little crazy.

8Bitdo M30 Bluetooth Gamepad Price

Both the new Retro Receiver and the M30 will be available through Amazon. Pre-orders are live now, with the M30 priced at $29 and the Retro Receiver going for around $25. For more information and full specifications on the new 8BitDo M30 wireless controller to view all the other controllers and products by the company, jump over to the official 8BitDo website.

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