Meet the EcoGarden: a stunning miniature greenhouse and self-cleaning aquarium that you may use to develop herbs and veggies all yr spherical. You definitely have to feed the fish and they’ll feed your flowers in go back. The flowers naturally filter the water for your fish.

The EcoGarden is simple to set up and may be managed with app and voice commands. It comes with a smart LED growlight too.


EcoGarden Smart Aquarium Features

This miniature greenhouse and aquarium sincerely makes use of one thousand-yr-old developing approach but with a hint of current tech. Offering a self-sustaining environment, it may grow herbs and vegetables at some point of the year. The hydroponics and aquaculture shape a symbiotic environment. The waste from the fish gives vitamins for the flora above. Likewise, the surroundings creates a herbal filtering method to smooth the water. This excellent herbal system all occurs in clean housing so you can see all of it happen before your eyes. It requires no soil, chemical fertilizers, and it’s absolutely freed from insecticides. automatic and self-sustaining, EcoGarden is armed with multiple sensors so that you get real-time information approximately your fish and herbs. Ultimately, you get actual-time updates right to the app approximately the popularity of your EcoGarden or even comes with a voice assistant feature.

The system does almost everything by itself but you can also control it remotely from your smartphone. Using the Wi-Fi connection and mobile application of the system, you can learn both the status of your plants and fishes and you can manage it remotely if you wish.

EcoGarden Smart Aquarium Price

EcoGarden’s developers have launched a crowdfunding campaign to bring their innovative ideas to life. They have already raised over $ 75,000 which is the target goal.

The EcoGarden, with a pre-order price of $ 293, will be sent to its supporters starting from December 2018.

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