Canon just announced a brand new on-camera microphone called the DM-E1, a compact stereo directional microphone providing exceptional performance for when the high-quality sound matters just as much as the visuals.

Canon is not really a microphone manufacturer, they make great cameras and some lenses, plus a boat load of printers, duh) the DM-E1 is a compact stereo directional microphone designed for the DSLR video shooters. Designed to complement the movie quality of the EOS range of mirrorless cameras and DSLR (and of course every other camera with a 3.5mm input jack), the DM-E1 is a versatile, high-quality microphone which can be used to capture a range of subjects.

canon dm-e1

The DM-E1 Directional Microphone from Canon is an external microphone providing a range of directional control, including a dedicated shotgun setting as well as switchable 90 degree and 120 degree stereo settings. It is compatible with digital cameras featuring a 3.5mm plug and enables a frequency response range of 50 Hz to 16 kHz. An included wind screen helps to reduce peripheral sound from other ambient noises or wind, and a shock mount is incorporated into the design to reduce lens and camera operation noise while recording. It powered by an included CR2032 button-type lithium cell battery, and a power status indicator lamp lets you confirm the remaining life of battery.

The DM-E1 offers a few extra features such as the 90/120 degree stereo modes and an integrated shock-mount that some may find worth the few extra dollars.

The Canon DM-E1 is available to pre-order from authorized Canon retailer such as B&H for $245 and should be shipping sometime in July.

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