The Nomad wireless Hub is some other new take on wireless charging pads, combining a normal Qi charger on top with a four-port USB charging hub hidden on the bottom for an all-in-one computing device charging solution that could charge up to 5 gadgets immediately.

The primary element you’ll notice about the wireless Hub is that it’s big. In comparison to the coaster-like thinness of most wireless chargers, Nomad’s offering is over an inch thick. It’s additionally quite extensive, which is ideal for all and sundry worried about their phone sliding off and falling from that excessive up. It also leaves extra room to overlook the coil in the middle of the charger.


Nomad Wireless Charging Hub Features

The Nomad wired-free Charging Hub has a wireless top that charges your cellphone as well as four extra ports below. The more ports can help you charge your iPad, headphones, power bank and more at the same time. Moreover, the hub offers smooth cable control via discreetly hiding the cables and using a cable routing passage, minimizing ugly cable clutter. The Nomad charging hub is more strong way to molded metallic bars. It also stays in place with its rubber base. Furthermore, the Nomad charging hub capabilities LED charging indicators at the pinnacle rim, so you recognise if your tool is charging or fully charged. Likewise, the lighting are orange whilst charging and white once it has completed its charge. In the end, the Nomad comes with an ambient mild sensor that dims the lighting in a darkish room.

Nomad Wireless Charging Hub Price

At $79.95, it’s definitely a bit pricey, especially considering that there are plenty of cheaper chargers out there. But if you’re really interested streamlining your desk setup with a combined wireless charger and USB hub, you can probably make the math work.

The Nomad Wireless Hub is available now from Nomad’s website.

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