New York-based sleep technology startup, Eight just launched the follow-up to the Eight Sleep Tracker in the form of the Smart Mattress, which utilizes internet of things in order to track and respond to sleeping habits. The Eight Smart Mattress is designed with four layers of responsive and high density foam, plus a technology layer. It’s available for purchase online starting at $950.

Eight Smart Mattress Specs:

The four foam layers include 2-inches of reactive foam, 2-inches of the memory foam, 2-inches of transition foam, and 4-inches of the high density support foam. Each side of bed can warm itself individually, which is really great if you live in a cold environment. The bed can connect to other smart home devices. The bed was designed after studying around 1.8 million hours of the sleep data that was gained via the Eight Sleep Tracker, the first product from company.


Eight Smart Mattress

Eight Smart Mattress Features:

On top of its sleep-aid features, which include warmers on the both sides and a built-in white noise generator, the Smart Mattress collects data on how its user sleeps, including breathing rate, movement, and current sleep stage. This data can be exported to Apple and Google’s respective health apps or parsed through the Smart Mattress’s proprietary app, which tracks sleep info and scores over time.

The app’s built-in smart alarm can be tailored to detect the user’s current stage of sleep and wake them at the ideal time in their sleep cycle, and synchronized to smart coffee makers, Phillips Hue smart lights, and Amazon Echo.

Eight Smart Mattress Price:

Eight Smart Mattress Price
For the full size $950
For the queen size $1050
For the king size $1150
For the california king size $1150
Shipping is included in the cost of mattress

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