There’s a brand new 360-degree lens you can connect for your iPhone to report images and motion pictures. The Fishball lens clips on with what the corporation calls a cozy locking mechanism, and its machine of fisheye lenses and mirrors easily let you shoot 360 degrees the usage of the Fishball cell app.

Fishball 360 Clip-on Lens Design

The Fishball is an innovative and clean-to-use 360-degree lens that works with iPhone X, iPhone eight/eight Plus and iPhone 7/7 Plus. The Apple iPhone lens measures 4.4 x 3.6 x 3.4cm and weighs 30g. in comparison with Fusion lens, the 360-degree lens suggests off a more compact and lightweight design, so you can easily take it everywhere along with your smartphone. In the meantime, the casing is injection molded with ABS for a durable creation.

Fishball 360 Clip-on Lens

Fishball 360 Clip-on Lens Features

The Fishball comes equipped with dual high-clarity polycarbonate lenses. Just attach it onto your iPhone, you could turn the smartphone into a 360-degree digital camera for 360-degree pix and films, and a specialised latch continues the lens secure in your phone. moreover, using proprietary sewing era, its custom app works with Fishball’s optics to create perfect 360-degree scenes, viewable immediately for your phone.

Fishball 360 Clip-on Lens Price

The crew in the back of Fishball is elevating fund for the product on Indiegogo. we can preorder the 360-degree iPhone lens by pledging $49 USD. Fishball is trying to patent its machine of lenses and mirrors. It ships June this year, but as with all crowdfunded projects, there’s no assure that the organisation will deliver its products.

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