Google Glass 2 is no longer just a rumor.In spite of Google’s confirmation on 16 January that the Explorer programming was closing and the original Google Glass was being taken off sale on 19 January. The company also confirmed that this isn’t the end for Google Glass. Google Glass 2 would be unveiled at Google’s I/O conference on 28 May, but the event came and went with no mention of the device.


It was a bit of a disappointment, because it was at Google I/O 2012 where a team of skydivers streamed their journey from a plane to the Moscone Center in San Francisco using Glass. According to The Wall Street Journal, which broke the news about Google Glass 2, the next generation of the wearable gadget will arrive in 2015.

It was also reported on the new design for Google Glass 2, suggesting that the Enterprise Edition is “foldable, more water-resistant and rugged for the workplace”. It also claims there will be longer battery life, amended functioning and a larger prism for a fuller viewing experience of the Glass interface. Another source said that less than five percent of the 300 Google employees working on Glass focus on the company’s Glass at Work programme. However, the Intel push to industry won’t change Google’s bias towards the consumer market.

It is not clear what Intel chip Google will use in the new version of Glass, but there will be an emphasis on power conservation. Not only does Intel make decent chips, it may be a good deal for Google in terms of promotion. Intel will likely go full steam ahead when it backs something, like it has done with Ultrabooks.  Google Glass 2 arriving in 2015 is big news but the other takeaway is that the firm will reportedly ditch Texas Instruments in favour of Intel as a chip provider. This should amend the battery life of Google Glass which has been a problem so far.