During a recent earnings call GoPro decides that there will be a new GoPro HERO6 camera this year. Although the 4K-enabled GoPro Hero5 was only made available in September last year, company CEO revealed that its replacement is planned – possibly for a similar release window.

Due to GoPro’s problems, last year, there was also some rumors that the product could be canceled or pushed back, repeating the 2 year gap between the GoPro Hero 4’s launch in 2014 and the GoPRo Hero 5 release in 2016. We can only speculate what the new camera might be able to do, but Nick Woodman, GoPro CEO shared his vision of a spherical GoPro camera with us just a few weeks ago during CES.

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Speaking during GoPro’s financial earnings call, Nick Woodman told a JPMorgan Securities employee that the Hero6 and other devices will be released in the next 6 months.

If the company really want to unveil GoPro Hero 6 this year, the fans simply suggest that it’d have better battery life. The problem about the device getting hotter with longer use should also be fixed according to fans. The unresponsiveness of the device to touch and voice command of the GoPro 5 should also be fixed in the new GoPro Hero 6.

What the GoPro Hero6 might boast over the Hero5 is anyone’s guess. We’ would like to see 4K video recording at 60 frames per second, but beyond that we are happy to play the waiting game. After all, we are still very impressed with the GoPro Hero5 Black.

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