Singapore-based VR startup, Hapto currently created its Indiegogo marketing campaign for a VR controller with haptic pushers. This new motion controller is completely different the Oculus Tocuh, VR gloves, or Vive wands. Hapto appears more like a bracelet to your hand. Internal there are 20 ‘pushers’ at the facet that will press up towards the palm of your hand to simulate touching gadgets in VR.

Hapto VR Motion Controller Design

The Hapto measures 2.7in x 3.5in x 3.5in (70 x 90 x 90mm) and weighs 8.39 oz (238g). As you can see from the picture below, this new innovative motion controller features a portable and simple design with two color options. The ergonomic contours and symmetrical design enable it to fit for all hands.

Hapto VR Motion Controller Features

The VR motion controller is compatible with many mainstream VR headsets including Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, Google Cardboard, Google Daydream, Merge VR Goggles and OSVR. PSVR and Hololens will also be brought within the near future.

Hapto comes equipped with 20 pushers on the aspect that faces your palm. When you touch the characters or objects in virtual reality world, the pushers will provide tactile feedback. The VR motion controller additionally having 4 buttons and finger-tracking tech, means that you may clutch, pull, push or maybe tickle in VR. Similarly, its light circles on both sides make sure your hand moves may be as it should be captured through your web-camera.

Hapto VR Motion Controller Price

The Hapto VR has been available for preorder on Indiegogo. You may pledge $129.99 to preorder the VR motion controller. It would be shipped in March 2017.

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