If you are one of those technology geeks who can’t survive without their gadgets and always looking to charge your laptop, tablet or smartphone while travelling, then this HP gadgets is just for you. Because HP recently announced a very cool ‘intelligent’ backpack which includes a generous 22400 mAh battery, and can charge three types of devices at the same time: tablets (up to 3 times), laptops (up to 17.3 inches), and smartphones (up to 10 times). Compatible products include most HP laptops, tablets and Android phones (as long as they don’t feature USB Type-C connectors, or proprietary charging methods), as well as the latest iPhone and iPad models.

One must take note, though, that it can’t charge all 3 devices at once. But with that amount of extra power on hand, no one will be low in battery power while they are outside.


This Backpack lets you control the order in which your devices charge. There’s also a built-in heat sensor which monitors the temperature to make sure that the bag doesn’t get too hot. A side-pocket plug-in makes the backpack easy to recharge.

Besides heavy-duty canvas exterior and interior padding, this powerbag is coated to resist wet weather and comes out with its own raincoat to help provide long-lasting protection to your devices.

It comes with two micro cables for the Android devices and one laptop charging cable. The battery pack inside the charging backpack can be recharged with your HP laptop adaptor. The HP Powerup Backpack will be available on October 1st, and is available for pre-order on Amazon for $200.

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