Whilst anybody’s searching out the following big aspect in augmented reality, HTC remains moving the needle for virtual reality with its Vive Pro headset. Prepared with excessive resolution AMOLED displays, included earphones with a built-in amplifier and spatial 3-D audio, the Vive pro elevates the VR market to an entire new level. However at $799, evolution doesn’t come reasonably-priced, and without base stations or controllers, the Vive Pro is not wholly complete.

HTC VIVE Pro Virtual Reality Headset Design

HTC VIVE Pro is a properly-designed, high-overall performance VR headset. As we can see from the pix, the headset sports activities a sleek and ergonomic look layout, and its new chassis lightly distributes the weight of the device to gather an ultimate center of gravity for a comfortable wearing experience.


HTC VIVE Pro Virtual Reality Headset Features

HTC VIVE pro VR headset comes ready with dual AMOLED 3.5 screen that feature 1440 x 1600 pixels per eye (2880 x 1600p blended), a hundred degree field of view and 90Hz refresh price with a purpose to supply a clearer, sharper, and more shiny VR world. moreover, the headset capabilities removable hello-res, high impedance headphones with a powerful amplifier and energetic noise cancellation for immersive audio revel in.

Moreover, the usage of SteamVR tracking tech, the VR headset offers 360-degree insurance of your actions to the millimeter so you can results easily navigate in the VR universe. Similarly, two controllers will let you engage with the virtual reality world. further, it consists of 6-month free VivePort subscription trial with 30 games.

HTC VIVE Pro Virtual Reality Headset Price

HTC VIVE pro VR headset device is priced at $1399.99 USD. If you’re interested, jump to Amazon for its greater details. but in case you nonetheless want more efficient than this, then the Oculus Rift is the most effective one which’s just right, shown at software trade show 2017.


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