The Judge Fro is the little but cleverest machine that can freeze your desserts and make it tastier than you have ever tasted by grinding up frozen fruits and some other ingredients. It is compact and looks good, in bright red. It does not look like an ice cream maker, it is mysterious looking, and it is fantastic little machine for fun, healthy and tasty desserts.



It is pricier than some basic ice cream makers but it has two distinct advantages over them: you don’t have to pre-freeze a bowl and you can make healthy alternatives to ice cream.

Style And Specialties

The design is compact: it has a small footprint, but a tall feed tube sticks out of the top and a plunger for pushing the fruit down.You throw them into the tube at the top and the frozen dessert comes out below. Before you start you need some frozen fruit. You can buy bags of frozen berries in the supermarket, but that misses the point because this machine is perfect for using up leftovers. Bananas, berries, apples, pears, mango and more all work well in it. Because they’re naturally sweet, you don’t need to add sugar. This makes Fro Fru desserts very different to traditional sorbets, which are made from fruit juice and sugar. You can also freeze diary products like cream, milk and yogurt in an ice cube tray and then add them to the Fro Fru, or even add pieces of chocolate.

What is it to use?

Using the machine was fun, enough so that well-supervised children would enjoy it. And they’d definitely enjoy the dessert. It emerges with a nice, ready-to-eat texture that’s surprisingly smooth. What’s more, it tastes sweet. If you ate it alongside sugary ice cream, you’d disagree because the sugar would eclipse it. But eaten solo it’s plenty sweet enough to make an enjoyable, healthy dessert. Impressive.We did try putting in squares of dark chocolate too, which worked but it wasn’t really needed – the fine pieces of chocolate this added to the banana dessert didn’t make much difference to the flavour. It added a slight crunch to the texture, but ground nuts would achieve the same thing. Cleaning was fine. The machine comes apart into three pieces and these are easy to wash if you do so promptly before the fruit gets dried on. Everything except the main body is dishwasher safe too. Dessert frozen overnight tasted good the next day, but the texture was harder so it needed some time to soften before eating. That said, because the Fro Fru is instant it seems best suited to making desserts on demand.


This clever machine makes frozen fruit desserts so tasty your five-a-day will feel like a treat.