LG is the first electronics brand to throw a product in the ring, and is doing so with its classy-looking, albeit blandly named, ‘Levitating Portable Speaker,’ which will be unveiled to the public at CES in January.

The LG Levitating Portable Speaker PJ9 consists of a wireless Bluetooth speaker that hovers over its base using the power of electromagnets. When fully charged, it float and pump out music in all directions for up to 10 h. But when it runs out of juice the music does not stop. Instead, the speaker gently descends on to its base (the aptly named Levitation Station) and starts recharging, all while the continuing to play audio.


Levitating Portable Speaker

Other levitating speakers have looked like UFOs, clouds, or evil soccer balls. LG’s latest looks more like the kind of device you might find in a hospital, with a functional off-white color scheme, and a reassuringly chunky base unit, and a series of control opt on the speaker itself. Its levitation is achieved through use of electromagnets, rather than witchcraft, and powerful units that support an omnidirectional speaker that LG says features Dual Passive Radiator technology for “flush mid-range tones and crisp highs.”

The speaker is IPX7 water resistant and features a battery that promises 19 h on a charge. Perhaps best of all, when the charge runs low, this speaker slowly descends onto the base station and fills its own battery back up.

CES is busy and noisy, meaning it will be hard to determine how great (or not) the levitating PJ9 sounds unless LG has a quiet room setup. Hopefully pricing will be revealed at LG’s booth (#11100, Central Hall) in the Las Vegas Convention Center on January 5.

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