Merge changed into already the maker of one in every of our favorite cellular VR headsets, the friendly and purple foam Goggles, and then it went in advance and took on AR with the cube. Now it’s trying to break down limitations with its new accessory unveiled at upcoming it conferences.

Blast your enemies into oblivion and scratch your itchy cause finger with the immersive Merge VR 6DoF Blaster sport Controller. This Nerf-fashion tool lets you play blended truth cellphone video games like a real military SEAL. You sincerely clip your phone into the gun, after which watch the display to identify your foe. You get entire freedom of movement, which means you may search out digital zombies in your actual neighborhood. The modern-day prototype version works with the Apple iPhone X, with a demo first-person shooter jogging on Apple’s ARKit platform. on the gun itself, you have a cause, a reload button, and a zoom control. similarly, the 6DoF Blaster has a button that reduces the speed of enemy hearth — a fun little greater.


Merge has built a dev kit so that developers of cellular VR and AR experience can build their stuff for the Blaster. it is also freeing specifications so that producers could make add-ons for the tool.

The corporation is not simply finished there though, it’s also announcing the Merge Mini, a smaller AR/VR headset this is intended for kids age 10 and up. it’s also built for smaller arms and will retail for less than $29.99 when it comes out this summer.

As for the Blaster, that’ will also arrive in Summer 2018, with pricing yet to be announced.

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