On Wednesday, April 6, 2016- Mitsubishi Electric corporation announced that it has revealed a next generation power module X-series new dual HVIGBT. For the purpose of electric power application especially in the heavy industry for highest operating temperature at 150 degrees Celsius.

HVIGBT module X-series new dual offer in two types of packages; first one is LV100 with 6KV isolation voltage possibly available in march 2017 and the second one is HV100 with 10KV isolation voltage that available in 2018.Mitsubishi electric X-series HVIGBT module standardized 100 x 140 x 40 mm package dimensions will allow manufacturers of industrial electronics to simplify design and secure multiple sources for inverters.

X-Series HVIGBT Module

Contributing to high energy efficiency, effectiveness and high power density is the feature of its product. Improved package technology and low parasitic inductance enable the maximum performance of the product. It simple, standardize connection allow for optimal system design and improved flexibility and scalability for system configuration.

Its common frame size supports more diverse inverter configurations and its capacity. It reduced inverter losses and improved the efficiency while using in high-voltage converter system.
This product is able to bear pressing high, the electric current is large, extensively suitable for the going against the becoming device and designing of railway drawing, direct current transmitting electricity and large scale industry apparatus.

High-power modules are key for power systems that require large capacity, high reliability and superb efficiency. To achieve higher output current and trustworthy design, X-series HVIGBT module with seventh generation insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) and relaxed field of cathode (RFC) diode. The power losses and reduces about 20%, and the terminal resistance is reduced by about 10% .

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