The Company is announced a new features and a sleeker design that will allow for a quicker, safer, more connected and modish way for commuters to cruise to their next destination, MOVPAK Electric Skateboard.

Its coolest new elements: the bag comes out with a wireless phone charger, as well as built-in speakers (for jamming on the road) that will connect to your phone via the Movpak application. It also has a microphone so you can ask Siri or Google Now for directions while you’re actually riding it so you can also operate completely hands free.

The Movpak is an electric skateboard that doubles as a pack for your belongings. Pull a handle, and out pops a board that can travel up to 20 miles per hour, or up to 10 miles at a time.

The backpack doesn’t disappear when you deploy the twin electric motors. It sits on the tail end of the board — holding up to the 35 liters of possessions while freeing up your body to keep balance as you carve up the sidewalk.


New features Of Movpak electric skateboard:

App that wirelessly connects your phone to Movpak
Wireless smartphone charger
Built in Mic/Speaker so you can talk to it using Siri or Google Now, and even stream via apps like Spotify.
Built in Battery Pack via a USB port within Movpak
Built-in tracking capability for security (in case Movpak gets lost or stolen)
Tiny remote (almost half the size of the last one)
Front headlights – ideal for riding in the dark
Larger Capacity (between 18-35 liters depending on the model), with new designs and colors. Total weight empty is 17 pounds.
2 motors inside the wheel. This will make Movpak more powerful and safer than ever before and combined with a beautiful and clean design.
Ability to remove the backpack from Movpak to use independently
New individualized compartments: Laptop, tablet and others designed for all daily needs.


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