After Nike created a roar in the social media by revealing its self-lacing shoes-Mag, Puma decided to up the competition by bring out its own set of self-lacing sneakers. Apparently, Puma showed off its self-lacing sneakers called Autodiscs almost a year ago. Since then, the company working on it covertly.

Like MAG, Puma’s Autodisc shoes are extremely limited edition – for now, at least – the only 50 pairs out in the world at the moment, a number of which have landed, predictably, in the hand of the high-profile athletes like Bolt.


self-lacing shoes

Puma Autodisc Features:

Some interesting things to note here. For starters, this mesh shoes look to be a 2016 update of its own Disc lacing system, automating the process with press of a button on the shoe – or via the companion app, that connects via Bluetooth, saving tightness presets and monitoring the battery level. Because this is 2017, and our shoes need recharging, but thankfully we’ve smartphones to tell us when they get low.

All told, the Autodiscs have two real advantages over Nike’s HyperAdapt. One is that the motors are embedded in the tongues instead of the beneath the soles, thus enabling the Autodisc to flex more like ordinary sneakers. Second, the Nike’s HyperAdapt lacks smartphone connectivity whereas the Autodisc let you jump straight to your desired tightness for each shoe (tightness is offered in three levels) as well as monitor its battery levels. Speaking of the sort, to recharge shoes, just place the heels on the accompanying wireless-charging mat until the indicators stop blinking.

When the Autodiscs do eventually go on sale, chances are they will not come cheap. But for serious athletes, they might be intriguing, especially if the future versions can automatically tighten themselves on the fly and maybe use biometric data to help assess their performance.

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