If you do not like the idea of wearing a fitness tracker clipped to your clothes or around your wrist, now there’s a new option: wear one on your face. Oakley, a division of eyewear giant Luxottica, just unveiled a new pair of smart sunglasses, which were introduced at CES last year, are now available to buy. It is designed in collaboration with Intel, that connect to a smartphone app for Android and iOS and act like a coach who’s constantly up in your mug.

The ‘Radar Pace’ glasses have earbuds attached to the sides, plus an integrated microphone, so you can listen to music, make and receive texts and calls via Bluetooth, and get information about your performance in real time to help you stay motivated.


Radar Pace

The sunglasses come with built-in earbuds that allow the sunglasses to respond to voice commands. You can ask how far you have traveled and your pace, also your voice assistant ‘coach’ will respond along with encouragement to keep going. The sunglasses are outfitted with a bunch of sensors, including an gyroscope and accelerometer. They can apparently detect pressure, proximity, and humidity.

The device tracks things like power output, heart rate, speed, cadence, pace, time, and distance, and uses this information to analyze your performance. It then creates customized cycling and running training programs based on your performance, and leverages Intel’s Real Speech tech to provide the ‘actionable feedback that is easy to digest, understand, and implement.’ It may, for instance, tell you to go for 20 miles on the bike that day, and also encourage you to push a little harder during your workout.

The sunglasses pair with your smartphone through Bluetooth and can be controlled through the Radar Pace’s companion Android / iOS app. If you don’t feel like using voice controls or the app, there’s also a touch pad on the sunglasses where you can skip songs, adjust the volume, and take phone calls. The Radar Pace costs $449.

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