The only full size reproduction of Sir Clive Sinclair’s famous black machine, in reality it is actually a tricked-out Bluetooth keyboard, which requires a companion app available now on iOS and coming soon to Android to function as a Spectrum.

Sinclair-ZX-SpectrumThis is a faithful reproduction of the UK made 1980s micro computer that started a bedroom coding revolution and is responsible for launching the careers of many a famous British developer.

The Recreated ZX Spectrum application dangles other well known games such as Jet Set Willy, Manic Miner, Uridium and Nebulous in your face but these can only be obtained via in app purchases.

The Recreated ZX Spectrum is the only capable of serving as a Bluetooth keyboard and as an acknowledged cool looking one at that. To truly unlock the machine’s full potential you need to download and install the companion application from the applicable app store.

Everything looks and sounds like it should, and the moments of slowdown are purely knowing, as they reproduce the often patchy functionality you would get on the real thing. One thing was done notice was that when playing on an iPhone the image is stretched in landscape mode.

The Sinclair’s logo and that iconic rainbow pattern on the bottom right corner of the keyboard. It is only when you look around the back of the machine that you realize this is a very different beast to the home micro you spent so many hours on back in your tender and misspent youth.

You can also use standard, non-rechargeable AA batteries, but the bottom of the device warns against plugging in the USB cable at the same time. The Recreated ZX Spectrum does not come with its own rechargeable AA batteries so you will have to source some yourself.


The Recreated ZX Spectrum offers a wonderful trip down memory lane for fans of the system. All it needs now is more software.