Samsung recently Showcased its SERIF TV at Grand Design 2016 live. The Korean company, Samsung applies strange slopes, curves, and even folds on lots of its gadgets, but for its latest television, it teamed up with one of the world’s best furniture designers to create Serif, a TV that is more posh than the number of pixels.

The Serif TV is a result of a collaboration between the designers –well known for their furniture, homeware and installations – and the Korean electronics brand’s head of the visual display design Yun-Je Kang to create the Serif TV.

The TV was inspired by the shape of the letter ‘I’ in a serif font and that is available in three colors (white, red, and blue), and three sizes — an ultra High Definition (HD) 40-inch model; a full HD 32-inch version; and a regular HD 24-inch set. The two larger sizes come with optional legs so that TV can stand up on its own, but the jutting bottom and top of the case (which also acts a shelf) will mean you can not fix it flush against a wall. The Bouroullec brothers also turned their attention to the rear of the device, covering up its connectors and ports with a fabric back panel, and designing a new interface and remote control to match the Serif’s style.


The Serif TV is defined by a single frame, available in white, red and dark blue. The Serif TV and Serif TV Medium come with a stand of four attachable tubular legs enabling the TV to be freestanding, while a removable fabric-covered rear panel conceals the ports and connectors, creates a sleek finish from every angle.

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