Oculus is now looking to increase the range of its service and bring virtual reality to more and more user. Today, Oculus has announced that the Samsung Gear VR now supports Chromecast functionality, which means you can beam what you are seeing to any Google Cast-enabled display.

Chromecast is software from Google that allow users to stream content from a mobile device to a TV. This makes the Samsung Gear VR a little more comparable to the Daydream View headset as Google announced back at Google I/O 2017 that Chromecast support would be coming to its VR platform in the near future. Perhaps the difference here is that Google didn’t announce an exact date for when the feature would be live, but Oculus states that its newly supported streaming capability is available from today.

samsung gear VR

Chromecast support

This support definitely is not going to become a massive new use case or anything but making it easier for people to see a live feed of their device, even in 2D, and makes it more simple for large groups to see what is happening on Samsung Gear VR which is perfect for showing it to a bunch of friends or, more likely, demoing something in front of a crowd.

Users will need to make sure that this is installed on their compatible Galaxy handset for things to work, but if those criteria are met then everything is a go and Gear VR sessions can be streamed.

This new addition will hopefully expand the range of people using virtual reality services, and also offer them more ways to explore the niche.

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