South Korean-primarily based electronics giant, Samsung recently previewed the destiny of home entertainment at a global television launch occasion in Paris.

Presenting a premium lineup of QLED TVs, the point of interest became directed at the body, its newest innovation which turned into first teased at CES 2017 this past January in Las Vegas.

As the name might advocate, the product has been designed to appearance precisely like a framed photograph putting in your wall to combo seamlessly with other artwork works in your home. Not like traditional TVs that fade to black while switched off, The frame offers customers the capacity to turn the unit into a completely customisable piece of artwork.

The Frame

Samsung has finished this thru digital artwork. When users flip the television off, in place of simply showing a black picture, it may show one among more than one hundred artwork pieces from 10 special classes like landscape, architecture, natural world, movement and drawing. This way, the television can stand alone as a faux piece of artwork or combination in with different pix on the wall.

Sooner or later, accent alternatives which include interchangeable bezels and Studio Stand can further decorate the person’s dwelling space. Stay tuned for release info as we get in the direction of The Frames legitimate launch.

while it’s nice to realize that the admittedly amazing Yves Béhar-designed display could be making its way to marketplace, Samsung continues to be being extraordinarily coy approximately details. There’s no cost, no specifications, and no launch statistics outside of that nebulous spring date. It’s doubtful whether or not the Frame makes use of Samsung’s new QLED generation, what smart television features it could have, or maybe if it’s a 4K set.

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