We all remember and love the MagSafe connector on the Mac. However, the MacBooks now have USB-C power jacks. It’s not the same anymore. So the team in Los Angeles have created a universal magnetic power connector called the Snapnator that supports a wide variety of different smartphones as well as MacBooks, Chromebooks and more.

The device consists of a magnetic adapter that connects to the device’s USB Type-C port, and a magnetic connector that automatically snaps onto the adapter when they’re in proximity.



Snapnator Features:

Snapnator looks like the product that will work for both 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro owners. According to Kickstarter project’s page, this Snapnator supports charging at 87w while still maintaining a low profile adapter size. Not only does it support the 15-inch MacBook Pro, it also supports the other devices that use USB-C too. Snapnator says that it works with ‘MacBooks, PC laptops, smartphones, ChromeBooks, and any USB-C devices’. It may not just be the missing MagSafe solution customers were looking for, but even potentially a new adapter to keep in their various USB-C devices.

Snapnator Price:

As of the time of writing, this magnetic connector has achieved its 25,000$ goal. If you want to nab a Snapnator of your own, you will need to pledge at least 29$ to the project. Higher tier pledges will nab you a USB-C to USB converter or a USB-C Hub.

The new Snapnator is definitely not the first of its kind as earlier this year, Griffin launched a similar device called the BreakSafe, so consider the Snapnator an alternative to the BreakSafe if you will.

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